We are currently looking for a video editor who understands The Why Files format. Generally speaking, episodes are video essays / mini-documentaries about mysterious/strange topics but grounded in science and logic.

You’ll be working with researchers, writers and the host on crafting episodes.

Popular topics we’ve covered include:

You are highly encouraged to familiarize yourself with The Why Files topics and format.


In this role you will be working with , researchers, research assistants, writers and our host, to edit episodes of The Why Files. The Why Files has an editing “style” and templates. You will be trained on this style, but you have creative freedom within the templates. If you think you can improve our existing style or format, pitch it.


  • Create string-outs from footage and pull selects.
  • Drop selects into timelines based on the script.
  • Find and drop appropriate B-Roll.
  • Choose music from several libraries.
  • Organize and edit timelines according to The Why Files templates.


  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite, especially Premiere Pro.
  • Be relaxed and confident while being reliable with a great work ethic.
  • You never miss a deadline.
  • Knowledgeable in some or all of the following areas: internet culture (YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc.), media in general, trending topics.
  • An interest in the topics covered by The Why Files.


  • An EDIT REEL or SAMPLE of work you’ve done in the past where you were the only editor. This doesn’t have to be YouTube related.
  • List what Premiere plugins you are comfortable using.
  • Your estimated turn-around time to edit a 20 minute episode (including b-roll) from 30-40 minutes of footage.
  • Your per-episode rate.

NOTE: You will be asked to create a 2-3 minute demo from existing TWF footage. You will be paid for your time.

Type: Freelance
Location: Remote

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